Testimonial for Reconnective Healing

 Lynn is a absolute pleasure. She radiates her lovely light and love. During my session I was releasing some emotional issues and I was so glad she was there.  

 Since having the session I can more rapidly get to higher states in meditations and self suggestions. I see my results faster from all things. My manifestations have quickened.  They often are immediate and affect others around me. I know the re-connective energy has given me better ability to rise above outer stresses around me. Again not only for myself but for those around me. People and things are less over - reactive. More at ease within themselves regardless of what they are going thru. That had a lot to do with my wanting the Re-connection. I’d been successfully working on various different modalities and was sure when I came to find Lynn practiced it,  that I was guided to it for putting more of the pieces overall in place. 

I’d had physical issues that had me for decades depending on lots of supplements.  Since doing the Reconnective healing session I don't feel the need or urge for all of them. My body feels more satisfied internally. This had been a major issue for me. I also think it will continue to improve.  

I love this reconnection frequency.  

I believe this frequency is that from which all others combined add up to. Like the top of the pyramid or pinnacle. I would highly recommend Lynn and The Reconnective Healing for everything.  

Client Testimonials

"Lynn is amazing! I went to see Lynn at the end of May 2015 regarding a childhood illness that I really struggled to keep under control as an adult. I knew I had some psychological issues surrounding the affliction and I wanted to see if hypnotherapy could help. Before the session I was kind of skeptical and had no prior knowledge of hypnotherapy but ended up leaving feeling better than I ever expected or thought possible. Lynn was very professional and put me at ease immediately. She explained everything that was going to happen before hand and followed exactly what she had outlined. This has literally changed my life. I have been telling everyone about this experience and would recommend it to anyone."

"I have to say that when people talked about going to see hypnotherapists I was always a bit skeptical of their results. A friend of mine suggested I go see Lynn and give it a shot. I am so grateful that I did. I've struggled with substance abuse my whole life and up until my session with Lynn I drank everyday to combat my severe anxiety. I would need a glass of wine or two just to do normal everyday things like grocery shop or even yard work. Lynn used her skills to take away all of those negative feelings I had that were holding me back from living my life to it's full potential. I still have quite some work to do however I am confident in Lynn and her abilities to "reprogram" my brain to live my life in more of a positive way."